Choose from two different sets of six flippers with coloured handles and a base to set them in.

Standard Diagnostic Flipper Set:

+/-0.25 violet handle
+/-0.50 green handle
+/-0.75 yellow handle
+/-1.00 red handle
+/-1.50 blue handle
+/-2.00 orange handle
flipper base

OEP Chairside Diagnostic Flipper Set:

+/-0.25 red handle
+/-0.50 orange handle
+0.50/+0.75 yellow handle
+1.00/+1.25 green handle
+1.50/+1.75 blue handle
+/-2.00 violet handle
flipper base

OEP Diagnostic Set
OEP Diagnostic Set
Our OEP diagnostic set includes three plus/plus flippers (+0.50/+0.75, +1.00/+1.25, +1.50/+1.75) for quick dynamic retinoscopy as well as three of the most common plus/minus flippers (+/-0.25. +/-0.50 and +/-2.00). They are color coded with the powers clearly marked and fit easily next to the examination chair. Flipper base included.
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Optego Diagnostic Set
Optego Diagnostic Set
This set includes 6 flippers with colored handles and a flipper base.
  • +/- 0.25 D, Violet handle
  • +/- 0.50 D, Green handle
  • +/- 0.75 D, Yellow handle
  • +/- 1.00 D, Red handle
  • +/- 1.50 D, Blue handle
  • +/- 2.00 D, Orange handle
Ideal for Diagnostic examination, Rx change demonstration, Contact lens power change demonstration, Reading glasses-Bifocal demonstration, Retinoscopy.
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