Practice when you want . . .
with this substitute for animal eyes!

The Phake-i® (pronounced: fake eye) is a patented surgical practice eye designed to improve surgical skills. Modeled after the human eye, the Phake-i is dimensionally correct and approximates the shape, size and feel of the human eye.

The Phake-i has the following features:
*Central corneal thickness of 0.5 mm
*Peripheral corneal thickness of 0.8 mm
*Corneal diameter of 12 mm
*Dilated 8 mm pupil
*Lens: anterior capsular thickness of 0.0004″
*The lens material consists of a central solid core and a softer cortex suitable for hydrodelineation, chopping, phaco-emulsification and irrigation/aspiration
*Realistic feel of an incision
*Suitable for stainless steel or diamond knives and other instruments
*Non-toxic, fully recyclable

The Phake-i is ideal for practicing key ophthalmic surgical procedures:
*Repair of corneal and scleral lacerations
*Corneal incisions and suturing
*Scleral flaps and scleral tunnels
*IOL (PC-AC) implants/explants
*Capsular Tension Rings
*Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI)
*Penetrating keratoplasty

Phake-i® Trabecular Meshwork Model
Phake-i® Trabecular Meshwork Model
The Phake-i® Trabecular Meshwork Model was designed to learn how to perform trabecular meshwork implantations. The Trabecular Meshwork Model has all the characteristics of the standard Phake-i® practice eye, except for the lens. The drawing shows a cut-away section of the Phake-i® with a blue iris and a pink trabecular meshwork.
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Phake-i® Surgical Training System
Phake-i® Surgical Training System
Each Surgical Training System contains:
  • *Phake-i Face Form with 1 gallon container and 3 ft. vinyl tubing
  • *12 Phake-i standard practice eyes: three packs of 4 eyes
  • *Black carrying case
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Phake-i® Face Form
Phake-i® Face Form
The Phake-i can be easily paired with the Phake-i face form to create a real life-like surgical environment. A locking mechanism keeps the training eyes firmly in place. A fluid retaining basin collects irrigation solution when used during surgery. Subsequently these fluids are drained and collected in a 1 gallon plastic container via a 3 ft. vinyl tube. Dimensions: 13" L x 9" W x 5" H.
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Phake-i® Standard Practice Eye, 4/pk
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