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Vergence Facility Prism Flipper


3^ Base In  / 12^ Base Out   Vergence Facility prism flipper

Our prism flippers are clearly marked with the power and base orientation. All prism lenses are chemically hardened glass (plano base curve). The frame has an indicator on each side to show prismatic power and position.


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accommodative flippers

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10^in/10^out, 10^in/12^out, 10^in/20^out, 12^in/12^out, 14^in/14^out, 16^in/16^out, 18^in/18^out, 1^in/1^out, 20^in/20^out, 2^in/2^out, 2^in/4^out, 3^in/12^out, 3^in/3^out, 4^in/12^out, 4^in/4^out, 4^in/6^out, 4^in/8^out, 5^in/10^out, 5^in/5^out, 6^in/10^out, 6^in/12^out, 6^in/6^out, 6^in/8^out, 7^in/7^out, 8^in/10^out, 8^in/12^out, 8^in/14^out, 8^in/16^out, 8^in/8^out, 9^in/9^out


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