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Welcome to Optego

Optego has been supplying eyecare professionals with quality products since 2000. Our customers include most Optometric Schools in North America and a significant number of international eye care practitioners. We have satisfied customers across North America and in many countries around the world.
Our flippers are well priced and extremely durable. All lenses are made from chemically hardened glass.
We custom-make any power, and pride ourselves in giving exceptional service.

Featured Products

VU-Filterz® Occlusion Foils
Compare to: Bangerter Foils 5/pkg, gray colour
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Magnetic Prism Block Set, 22 Prisms, Polymer Case
A set of 22 acrylic prisms in a polymer case with carrying handle. Each block prism contains a small magnet and "snaps" on to a magnetic handle. 4" (10 cm) long. The dioptric power of each prism block has been laser engraved. All prisms are made using Clear Prism® Technology.  
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Worthmore® II Four Dot Test
Worthmore® II Four Dot Test
This ergonomically designed handheld device features 4 peripheral porthole LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) and 4 central porthole LEDs with a constant brightness. The peripheral porthole lights test for peripheral suppression; the central porthole lights test for foveal fusion/suppression. A momentary rocker switch allows for peripheral or central testing.
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Press On Prisms
Compare to: Fresnel Prisms Press-on Prisms attach very easily to eye glasses. Other benefits are: Clearer image, Superior optical qualities, no yellowing, Thinner prisms at higher diopter values, Base and diopter strength clearly marked. 2-7/8" x 2-7/8" (75 x 75 mm) square, fully usable.
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